About Me

Hi there! I’m a full-time working mom trying to discover who I am and what I was born to do. I am jaw-dropping surprised at how much I love my son and love being a mom. Everyone told me so when I was pregnant, but I am STILL in awe. I live and breathe for him and his happiness.

While my life is filled to the brim with blessings, modern life as a woman and mother is very hard. Sharing my experiences with others and reading about their experiences is a saving grace.


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  1. Dia
    Oct 27, 2011 @ 02:42:01

    I melted at this…”I am jaw-dropping surprised at how much I love my son…” I remember that so well, how totally unprepared I was for the ferocious depths of love that came with motherhood. I browsed the first few posts and your writing is a pleasure to read! Too bad we can’t make a living writing blogs, isn’t it?


    • dirtysocksandfaxmachines
      Nov 01, 2011 @ 02:28:54

      Hi Dia!! Thanks for subscribing to my blog! Sorry it took me so long to respond. I am really looking forward to read more about your experiences. I love your blog topic, I’m so glad I found it.

      Take care.


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