Natural Healing Day 1

(Written on Friday, May27th) – Yesterday I went to see an acupuncturist/Chinese herbalist. We sat down and she asked me an hour’s worth of questions about my medical history, bothersome symptoms, reasons for seeking acupuncture. She pretty much validated everything I’ve been feeling and trying to tell doctors over the years. That is, my hormones have to be out of whack, because it is NOT NORMAL for a healthy 32 year old to have some of the problems I do. Mainly, lack of energy, fatigue and night sweats. She also was not happy about the fact that I am taking Zoloft for anxiety…she said Zoloft doesn’t even treat anxiety effectively.

She asked me to get a new blood panel with hormone levels, like TSH, and asked for a copy to read, so I’ve made an appointment with a new doctor for next Monday.

The needle part was pretty anti-climactic. We went into a room and I laid on a massage table. She put needles in my hands, my ears, my arms, my legs, feet and my face. I didn’t even know most of them were there until I looked down at my body at one point. I didn’t know there was one in my forehead until she took it out. I laid there for about 25 minutes with the needles in, then she tok them out. I didn’t feel good or bad, just indifferent. She then gave me two different combinations of Chinese Herbs, one formulation for anxiety and one for PMS/hormone problems. I am to take 6 pills of each, twice a day.


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