Jack’s Philosophy on Life

At times I find myself getting extremely impatient with my one year old. He never seems to adhere to my schedule or any sort of routine I set for him. All the books say children and humans in general thrive on routines, so I have been trying to get him into some sort of routine since day one. He doesn’t seem to get the concept of being prompt, well-groomed and just generally doing what you’re supposed to.

Jack has challenged my sense of schedule, to be sure, but he is certainly teaching me a thing or two about life. Sometimes I feel so silly constantly searching for happiness, when Jack is showing me how to do it every second of every day. It’s so simple. The below is an excerpt from Jack’s philosophy on how to live a happy, meaningful life. Enjoy!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my one year here on Earth, it’s that grown-ups are always in a hurry and love to use the word “no.” Except for the grandparent people, they seem to be a little more relaxed about things, and they say no too, but in a much more gentle and patient kind of way.

Take eating for example. Why would you want to hurry through your meal? It is so interesting to feel the different textures of food, and to see what happens when you throw it on the floor. Some things, splat, some things bounce, and some things crumble. Fascinating! And the dogs are obviously hungry, so why not share some food with them? There’s plenty to go around! I like to take my time and eat slowly. It’s great for my digestion, and I know when I am full. For some reason grown-ups don’t seem to know when they are full cause they always eat so darn fast and then complain that they are too stuffed. It’s not rocket science, people – you just swat the spoon away when you’re full. Sometimes the food even goes flying, and that’s really funny. I wish grown-ups would just let me eat the food myself, even if I do get messy and take a long time to finish. Isn’t that what a bathtub is for? And why are we in such a hurry? So we can do the dishes? Please. If you can’t make it fun by climbing into the dishwasher (believe me, I’ve tried), then what’s the use in hurrying to get the dishes done?

Another thing Mom and Dad always want me to do is sleep in late. How is that fun? The longer you sleep in the morning, the less time you have to play. Plus you can always take naps later if you get tired. For some reason grown-ups always think there are more important things to do than nap though. Like the dishes. So Mom and Dad are always trying to get me to go back to sleep when I wake up in the morning, but it’s weird because as soon as I get up they are trying to hurry and stuff me full of food, wash me and get me dressed and and then they get mad when I want to play instead of put my socks on. Huh?? If you are comfortable in your jammies then what is the hurry in getting dressed? Probably because they want to do the dishes again. Ugh.

Then there’s play time. Finally…something me and grown-ups can agree on. But grown-ups try to make rules for something that’s supposed to be fun! They always want me to keep my toys contained in one small area, like the living room. I try to tell them how fun it is to see how far you can throw things down the hallway, but they are always following behind me, picking things up and putting them back where they started. How am I supposed to see how much my aim and distance has improved day-to-day if my toys keep ending up in the basket?

One of the coolest things I think about being here is how many interesting things there are to look at, feel and taste. Grown-ups don’t seem to think things are as interesting as I do though. Like outside. Have you been outside in your backyard? Amazing! There are these things you can find sometimes called rocks, and they are all different shapes and colors. Where do they come from and how do they end up in my yard? Mom’s always taking rocks away from me and trying to give me a toy or taking me inside, but I would be so happy to just explore and touch and taste whatever is outside for a while. Oh yeah, and have you seen birds and squirrels? Oh my gosh, we have them by the barrelful in our backyard, and they are so funny! Everytime I see one I am sure to point it out and make sure everyone sees, but they just look at it real quick and then move on to something else. How can you laugh at the birds and suirrels if you don’t take the time to see what they are doing?

I am teaching my Mom and Dad new things every day, so I will tell you more later, but here are my tips for having a good day today: Play and share your food with friends during meals; be excited to get up and play in the morning and if you get tired take a nap; stop making rules for playing and just do whatever is fun; and stop worrying about boring things like dishes. If grown-ups would just go outside and watch the squirrels I think they would be a lot happier.



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Linda Paul
    Oct 18, 2010 @ 23:40:56

    OMG! This is priceless! We all need to memorize this. How could you get frustrated, bored, or depressed in Jack's world?


  2. Anonymous
    Oct 19, 2010 @ 00:53:00

    I agree with Jack…watching the squirrels and birds and airplanes and looking at the trees and flowers is far more fun than doing the dishes. Besides, being outdoors I get some much needed vitamin D. Love this post….


  3. heather
    Oct 22, 2010 @ 20:52:38

    Jack! You are a genius! Makes me think differently…how does Caleb view the world? That could be a scary thing to dig into. hahaHeart you, MJ


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