I can’t believe it’s been 9 months

Today my little guy had his 9 month baby appointment.

Today I’ve been back at work for almost 3 months.

Today I found out I did NOT get the dream job I interviewed for last week.

Today I lost my brother-in-law to cancer.

I hate that my son, the love of my life, was born into such a shitty period of time. I feel like I can’t fully enjoy him because everything around me sucks. People around me are hurting. Meanwhile, Jack is getting more and more fun and cute. I am loving him more than I thought possible. Maybe God sent him to me right now for a reason. Maybe life would be too unbearable for myself and my family if he wasn’t here to bring us joy.

Today Jack is half-army-crawling-half-true-crawling. He laughs at my mom when she hula hoops. He has two bottom teeth and one coming in on the top. He LOVES the swimming pool. He flirts with women in the grocery store. He constantly wants to walk (with help) and throws fits when we make him sit or lay down. His head is rounding out nicely and he only has a month and a half left in his helmet.

I am sort of mad at God right now. I want things to turn around. At the same time, I am grateful to Him for sending Jack to me.


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