Back to work

So today was my first day back to a “real” job – 8 to 5 Monday-Friday. I got this temp-to-hire job that I could have done in high school, but in this economy one can’t be picky. Plus, I need a little extra income so I can get a “mom” car. Sigh.

Leaving Jack with MIL wasn’t so traumatic since she has been watching him a couple days a week for the past couple of months already. I missed him of course, and exceeded the speed limit to get home and see him, but it wasn’t too tough.

What is tough is that I will no longer be able to take him to his appointments, or to his Little Gym class. I will most likely miss the first time he crawls. I won’t be feeding him in his high chair anymore since he eats his solids during the day. And I’ll only have 2 hours with him at night before he goes to bed. I know other mothers do this and are happy as can be, as are their kids. But it’s hard. It’s damn hard.


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