Day 4 of helmet therapy

Today is the last day of the helmet “breaking in” period. Tomorrow we go full blown 23 hours. Yesterday I was really sad and depressed. It was the first very warm day of the year at 72 degrees. I took Jack for a walk in his stroller with his helmet on and he was sweaty and red-faced by the time we got back. I have always so looked forward to summer, but this year might be spent trying to avoid the sun. I am sooo worried about Jack overheating and being uncomfy.

I’ve been following a Yahoo group for kids with plagiocephaly. Yesterday I posted a long rant about how much I already hate this and how sad I am. I got so many encouraging replies back that I feel much better and more positive about today. It seems that every person who has had their child in a helmet is 100% glad they did it, and many parents even push for a longer wearing period than is necessary if you can believe that. I really hope I get to that point where I am so comfortable with it.

Last night was the first time wearing it during sleep. At first he went right to sleep no problem, but then proceeded to wake up every half hour, then every 15 minutes until I brought him to bed with me. I had to rock him back to sleep, which I have never had to do, but after that he slept like a log. I’m thinking maybe he’s just getting used to sleeping with me since he was in bed with us all last week during our vacation and the last few days he has been sick. I hope that is the case and not the helmet.

I’m calling the orthotist today because one side of the helmet is sliping down over his eye. Maybe if we can get that adjusted he won’t even notice the helmet anymore. The good news is it isn’t irritating his skin.

I’ll just have to take this one day at a time and hope I eventually feel the same as all the parents on the plagio board, that this was the best thing they could have done for their kids.


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