Note to self for next time around…

If only I knew 5 months ago what I know now, I would:

-Research slings and baby carriers, spend whatever to get the best one and only buy one
-Have plenty of baby “seats” available around the house – swing, bouncer, pack and play, vibrating chair, etc
-Try breastfeeding a little longer, use the help available and rent a GOOD pump (formula is expensive!!!)
-Not leave bottles or cans of formula anywhere the dog can reach them
-Have only onesie and pant sets…shirts do not do well on babies
-Get the window shade things for my car the day I bring baby home
-Get a 4-door car
-Get more rinsable bibs
-Have a toybox
-Definitely have a diaper genie or some other sort of diaper disposal besides a regular trash can
-Find a mom/baby group to join even if I don’t feel like being social
-Not expect the weight to come off the way it did the first week postpartum

I’m sure there is/will be more as time goes by.


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